**Brick Breaker for PICO-8** by Morgan McGuire
[PICO-8](http://pico8.com) is a virtual fantasy console. It emulates an 8-bit computer that never existed. This provides a fun and challenging environment for hacking small video games. I wrote Brick Breaker as a full-featured, polished PICO-8 sample program. It was an opportunity for me to learn the PICO-8 Lua variant and now stands as a good example program for other programmers new to PICO-8. You can download the [full source for Brick Breaker](brick_breaker.p8). It demonstrates use of: * loops * create & destroy objects * local vars * text * multiple levels * sprite animation * powerups * particles * map usage * title screen & game over * sound effects * music * sprite packing * basic physics * assertions as well as some techniques for reducing token count, a limited resource on PICO-8. I did most of this work in parallel with the 2017 [Global Game Jam](http://globalgamejam.org/). The PICO-8 version of Brick Breaker is based on my [JavaScript Brick Breaker](https://casual-effects.com/codeheart/examples/brickbreaker/) sample program, which you can [play here](https://casual-effects.com/codeheart/examples/brickbreaker/play.html).