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Project Rocket Golfing

An game of exploration and discovery for all ages on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

An infinite, procedurally-generated universe filled with ice planets, wormholes, aliens, verdant worlds, binary star systems, lost civilizations, and more. The further you explore, the more that the game changes. You'll encounter new game features as you reach more distant galaxies.

The Graphics Codex

An essential reference for 3D computer graphics.

I compiled the equations, diagrams, and code that I most reference into this app and then added 12 chapters of lecture notes from the college course that I teach. Available in iOS app and Windows, OS X, Android, and Linux web editions.


Markdown everywhere, with diagrams and equations

A free technology that magically makes plain text documents look great when viewed in a browser. No plugin, installation, document compiling or exporting...just start writing.


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game jam

Brick Room VR
Real props & virtual physics
One Game A Day Arcade
6 games coded in two hours
Show Me Colors
Augmented reality web toy
Star Journey
3D web space shooter
Espionage virtual board game
Tactical space adventure
A Thousand Moonlit Seas
Tron meets the age of sail
Airburner: Vengeance
Dystopian top gun
Rock Rebel
Guitar-controller synth

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